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Static or dynamic balancing of your rotating components will eliminate excessive vibration and ensure the smooth running of your machinery.

Vibration can put considerable stress on bearings, suspensions, housings and foundations, so by balancing your rotors you can significantly reduce machinery maintenance costs and plant downtime. You will also help ensure the safety of your employees by reducing the risk of a catastrophic failure.

Rotors we can balance:

  • Fans

  • Pump impellers

  • Propellers

  • Shafts

  • Turbines

  • Flywheels

  • Rollers

  • Armatures

  • Flails

  • Almost anything that rotates

Why balance?

An unbalanced rotating body will be unable to spin efficiently and will likely vibrate. Off-axis vibration forces cause noise, discomfort to machine operators and may exceed the design limits of individual machine components, reducing the service life of these parts. Unbalance can place the entire system at risk of catastrophic failure, particularly where the speed of rotation or mass of the rotating body is very high.

Balancing will improve the efficiency of any machine that depends on a rotor to function. It will also increase the service life of your machinery, lessen the risk of catastrophic failure of machine components and protect your staff from injury.


Schenck balancing machines

We utilise one of the best equipped dynamic balancing facilities in the North of England. We're able to balance rotors weighing up to three tonnes and measuring up to six metres in length, and can also balance fan rotors up to two metres in diameter.

The latest Schenck balancing technology and our dedicated balancing engineers have decades of collective experience. This ensures the highest level of accuracy when balancing your components.

Emergency balancing services

Where a component is critical to your operation we can offer prioritised turnaround, ensuring disruption to your business is minimal while your rotor undergoes balancing.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements – our team will be happy to help.


Collection and return

We can facilitate collection and return if the component to be balanced is located in the North West region, or you may prefer to organise your own transportation.

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