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Ztechnique oil free Atlas Copco Service

Since 1987 our company has specialised in Atlas Copco Z and MD equipment service and overhaul. ZR ZA ZT ZE ZH ND CD MD BD models supported with spare parts and expertise 

Why choose Ztechnique

Welcome to Ztechnique our company has been providing some of the Worlds largest companies with oil free compressed air services since its formation in 1987.

In 2023 is never been more crucial to have an alternative to the OEM service offering. Price increases from compressor manufacturers both for labour and spare parts has spiralled in recent years.

The OEM's would like you to believe they are the only ones that can offer a level of service and spare parts quality to maintain your oil free compressed air equipment, but things change and most of the 'OEM' parts you find added to the manufactures compressor are not made by the compressed air manufacture , they are bought in and huge mark up's added. And the same large mark up's applies to many aftermarket parts from manufacturers.

We also buy these OEM parts like ABB VSD drives and ASCO solenoids as two examples, but we add a reasonable mark up and pass these benefit's to our customers.


We manufacture all sizes of alternative oil free element stages for Atlas Copco 'Z' compressors saving our customers thousands of pounds without compromising on quality or warranty.

Isn't is time your business sought lower priced  service and pricing for your oil free screw & centrifugal compressors 

Rarely obsolete with Ztechnique

Alternative 'Z' Parts 

Our service pricing and parts availability takes some beating. For many years we have produced alternative air end stages for Atlas Copco oil free compressors. Our range includes oil free stage '0' to stage '6' sizes in new and refurbished Ztechnique products. 
These can be found at this web site along with install kits, lubricant and consumable service parts all from the Ztechnique brand.
'We are driving the cost of oil free air down with innovative products and lower priced services'  

Ball Packaging- Air Liquide - Can Pack - InBev - Sedamyl - Conoco Philips - Babcock - CBRE- Mondelez - Buffalo Trace - Ford USA - Atlas Machine - HBR, Just some global customers benefitting from Ztechnique lower priced parts and services 

We support Atlas Copco compressors and dryers such as  ZR ZT ZE ZA ZH ZR VSD ZT VSD- MD IMD ND regen dryers - CD BD desiccant dryers . Ingersoll Rand Centac MSG Turbo Air, KAESER , BOGE, compressed air parts and services 

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