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FSE-CentriMax is a premium quality fluid designed for centrifugal compressors.

159 lires qty per barrel

With excellent oxidation stability, corrosion, deposit control, and low volatility, FSE-CentriMax provides up to 16,000 hours of continuous worry-free service for lubrication, sealing, and effective heat removal for efficient compressor performance. (Based on the maximum air discharge temperature of 50°C/122°F.)

  • Product Data Sheet
  • Certification & SDS
  • Download the FSE-Centrimax product data sheet (PDS). 


FSE-Centrimax Features

  • Resistance to oxidative breakdown by exposure to air at high discharge temperatures.
    • Reduces oil thickening, maintaining good fluidity through pumps, lines, filters, and actuators.
    • Controls build-up of acidic by-products that can accelerate oil deterioration and promote corrosion.
    • Controls build-up of sludge and varnish to ensure smooth operation through fine tolerances.
  • Higher thermal stability reduces carbon deposit formation.
    • Improves compressor operating efficiency.
    • Reduces valve sticking and maintains heat transfer efficiency of intercoolers.
  • Improved viscosity index and good low-temperature properties.
    • Improves film thickness at elevated temperatures.
    • Better cold temperature fluidity for low-temperature start-up.

FSE-Centrimax 16,000 hour oil

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